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Sandy Thorne - Multi-talented Australian Comedian

Sandy is an Australian female comedian who performs stand up comedy and also does corporate and conference guest speaking. Looking for a funny guest speaker? You've found the right place.

If you're racking your brains and pulling your hair out trying to find someone different to entertain your crowds....

SANDY THORNE'S humour has knocked them out from NEW YORK to COOBER PEDY

Sandy delivers quality, value for money laughs suitable for people from all walks of life.

Sandy is featured in a new book called "Women of the Outback" by Sue Williams. Published by Penguin.
Available at ABC Store and all good bookstores.

"Laugh Yer Guts Out!"

Click here for more info

"Laugh Yer Guts Out!"
is NOW available
@ $19.95 (incl. postage)

The Aussie Battler Collection
Now Available as in Talking Book $39,95

13 c.d.'s/10 hours of great entertainment for $39.95.




Sandy's New Book

Fascinating life stories of "golden oldies" who've led lives of achievement and adventure.




Wonderful stories of unusual and interesting lives, from “great old-timers”. Being the last generation to have experienced a childhood where buggies, bullock-wagons and Clydies pulling ploughs were still a common sight, a couple of the stories are naturally about great horsemen, but all backgrounds are very different.....MORE INFO


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